What is Zenmove?

Zenmove is the first training method to combine exercise and relaxation. In a short period of time.


With your personal coach, you will push yourself to the limit:
through controlled and deliberate movements, you will train with maximum efficiency. The training does not just improve your fitness but also prevents injury.


After you have given your all, you can relax in especially designed relaxation boxes. This is extremely important for the success of your training regime and leaves you calmer and more serene.

«Zenmove helps me to perform my sport in a better and more focused way while also maintaining mental composure.»

Dave Hablützel, Professional Snowboarder

Why Zenmove?

Zenmove increases your quality of life

With the combination of tension and relaxation, the following topics are treated effectively and sustainably:

Back pain
Joint complaints
Mental health
Body Aesthetics

What are the benefits?

Holistic exercise

Our exercises are conducted very deliberately. They are ideal for every performance level and any age. The Zenmove coach will establish the appropriate level for you and intensify it step by step.

One training method for everyone

Professional athletes, top managers, full-time homemakers, amateur sports enthusiasts or older people: thanks to its customised training sessions, Zenmove is perfect for everyone.


Less than half an hour per training unit is enough to feel the long-term physical and mental benefits in your everyday life.


We have a studio in Zurich. Anyone who doesn’t live in this area can also train “OnLive”, either in the office, at home or on holiday, anywhere in the world. We offer personal 1:1 care and support from your coach – via laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Personal care

Every training session, whether in the studio or OnLive, is led by a Zenmove coach.

Less stress and improved sleep

When used regularly, the combination of exercise and relaxation has been proven to reduce stress levels in everyday life and improve your sleep.

Complete well-being

The combination of tension and relaxation generates a complete sense of well-being in your body resulting in holistic health benefits. The especially designed relaxation boxes are the first of their kind in the world.

«Yes, thanks to Zenmove I no longer suffer from back pain. And all in such a short time. I’m a fan!»

Adrian Sutter, Advertising Executive

Trial session

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