Trial session
Trial session

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Dive into the world of Zenmove.
Everything you need to bring your well-being to a new level.
From A-Z, our studio offers all the amenities you need for a successful training and relaxation session.
Training area
Our training area allows up to three clients to train at the same time. Zenmove is a personal coaching: To make it easier for you to focus on yourself the training area is separated from other areas of the studio.
Relaxation boxes
Our relaxation boxes are specially designed for your relaxation phase: they are made out of pine wood, whose scent has a calming effect. During your relaxation time, lighting colors can be set, that fit your current mood.
Dressing rooms
Our dressing rooms offer you everything you need for your body care, even if you come over for a spontaneous training session.
At Zenmove, it is our goal to work with our own body weight as often as possible. Therefore, we only use our typical Zenmove bag (8 kg or 12 kg) for some exercises. You can get the bags as well as our training mats for your OnLive training on site.
With your personal coach you get everything out of yourself: Through controlled and deliberate movements you train with maximum efficiency. Moreover the training not only supports your fitness it also prevents you from injuries.
After you went to your limits, it’s time for you to relax in the specially designed relaxation boxes. This step is extremely important forthe success of your training and makes you calmer and more relaxed.
Trial session?
Zenmove is a very hands-on workout for your body and mind. Convince yourself and get your Zenmove-Experience today.