Trial session
Trial session

You ask yourself,

what exactly

Zenmove is all about?

Zenmove is the first workout that combines exercise and relaxation - in less than 30 minutes. Can't imagine that? Watch our video and try it for yourself.
Tension in training
With your personal coach, you get everything out of yourself: through controlled and conscious movements, you train with maximum efficiency. The training not only promotes your fitness, but also prevents injuries. Our customers have proven to be able to alleviate their complaints with us - whether it be back or knee problems, Zenmove strengthens the muscles in a way that is easy on your joints. For all ages.
Relaxation in the relax box
After you have given everything, you can relax in the specially designed relaxation boxes. This is extremely important for the success of your training and makes you more relaxed and calm. The relax box is especially important for our customers with a lot of stress and sleep problems. After only a short time they are able to relax better in their daily life.
Quality of life in everyday life
Movement and relaxation are enormously important for the quality of life. Both are needed in a good balance: That's why at Zenmove we offer movement and relaxation directly in combination. It's possible to work on both in less than 30 minutes and can therefore be easily integrated into any everyday life.
The advantages
Conscious movement
Our exercises are performed consciously so that the body is permanently in tension. They are suitable for every level and age. The Zenmove coach will work with you to find the level that suits you best and deepens it step by step.
Personal care
Each workout, whether in the studio or "OnLive", is led by a professionally trained Zenmove coach, who will address your personal goals and needs.
A training for everyone
Whether professional athlete, top manager, working housewife/man, amateur athlete or older person: Zenmove is ideal for everyone thanks to customized training.
Less stress and improved sleep
When used regularly, the combination of exercise and relaxation has been shown to lower stress levels in everyday life and improve your sleep.
Time saving
It takes less than half an hour per training session, to feel lasting physical and mental progress in your daily life.
Complete well-being
The combination of tension and relaxation creates a complete well-being for your body and leads to holistic health. The specially designed relax-boxes serve for relaxation and are a worldwide novelty.
We have a studio in Zurich. Those who do not live in the area can also train "OnLive", whether it is at home, in the office or on vacation around the world. We offer a personal 1:1 support with your coach - simply via laptop, tablet or smartphone.
Trial session?
Zenmove is a very hands-on workout for your body and mind. Convince yourself and get your Zenmove experience today.