Trial session
Trial session

How to get the most out of your Zenmove session

A Zenmove session impresses with the short time required – only about 30 minutes for the two parts, tension and relaxation. For many people it is still not imaginable that one can perform a high-quality as well as holistic training for body and mind in this short time. And can achieve recognizable progress after the first few weeks.

Each of us has his or her own motivation why he or she does Zenmove. Whether it’s because of the brief physical exertion, or to relieve discomfort. Other reasons for training at Zenmove are to reduce one’s stress level or, according to whole simply to have 30 minutes just for oneself in the stressful everyday life.

Whatever the personal motivation for Zenmove, one thing remains the same: we want to make progress. If we don’t, we loose motivation. The Zenmove concept is designed for efficiency and effectiveness of physical training. The Zenmove Coach supports us in training as efficiently and effectively as possible. But to actually do it, is all on yourself. So the question is, how do you personally get everything out of a Zenmove session?


Whether we’re doing Zenmove in the studio or OnLive, the optimal preparation for the session starts in the mind. If you mentally prepare yourself for the session five minutes beforehand and consciously begin to adjust to the training, then many things will go much better. The easiest way to adjust to training is through breathing. So start consciously breathing deeper 5 minutes before. Put aside your previous activities and inwardly distance yourself from all things that should have no relevance in the next 30 minutes. The next 30 minutes belong only to yourself and your well-being.

Voltage part

As soon as you step on the mat, your body knows that now comes the tension part, the active part of Zenmove. These 12 minutes live exclusively from your effort to get the maximum out of you. Now no other thought should take place, but only the concentration on performing the respective exercise consciously and with focus. Absolute focus helps to bring our body and mind into harmony – the so-called “Zen” quality, where the only priority is the particular movement you are doing right now At this moment.

Breathing in the tension part

The highest priority in training is breathing – and you can hear it with us. In everyday life we often breathe short, shallow and inaudible. The advantage of intense and conscious breathing during exercise is that it helps us keep our blood pressure down. In addition: Breathing during the workout also contributes to the said effectiveness: Intensive breathing helps to keep the tension in the body (especially in the torso) stable. In addition, oxygen is essential for our muscles. There is no rule with us about how exactly to breathe: but the important thing is to breathe. And that can also be louder at times.

Preparation for the RelaxBox

When the session is over, take your time. Don’t go straight into the box too tight and with a high pulse. Stay fully with yourself and be happy that you made it through the suspense part. Let your heartbeat come down slowly and keep breathing consciously. Then go into the box and realize that now comes the part of Zenmove where you don’t have to do anything and are allowed to let go of all tension.

The relaxation part

In the relaxation part, the body scan is running. The goal of this conscious relaxation is to consciously perceive and relax every muscle and addressed body part. Our body can easily get lost in the stress of everyday life – for this reason, this part is enormously important for holistic well-being and an essential part of training. The relaxation part should be the complete opposite of the previous activity, namely complete inactivity. If possible, try not to fall asleep and keep your attention on the voice that is guiding you. Also, try not to move your body too often during the relaxation process. Find your optimal position and let yourself relax. The greater your willingness for this part of the training, the more it can do for you.

There is a simple reason why we always use the same relaxation track at Zenmove. The tension part, as we know, changes every month because we want to avoid the stagnation of the muscles. Among other things, this is because muscle building depends on how varied our training is. The opposite is true for relaxation: the best relaxation is to always relax in the same way.

After the session

Once you have completed both Zenmove parts, stay fully with yourself and enjoy the feeling that the activity and relaxation has given you. Continue to pay attention to your breathing and physical well-being. Leave the studio or OnLive session with a smile, an upright and energetic posture, and be proud of yourself. Anyone who has given everything that was possible for him personally on that day can always be satisfied with himself. There is no objective progress with Zenmove: The only important thing is what you personally take away from the 30 minutes and how you personally develop.