Trial session
Trial session

3 Questions and answers about Zenmove

1. What to do if I don’t make progress on Zenmove?

The first thing to note is that progress is not a linear process. Anything you do on a regular basis will result in a physical adjustment. This means that every workout is progress. Based on our expectations of the training, of the coach, and of ourselves, we personally evaluate a training as progress or not.

If you see little or no progress in yourself, the first thing to do is to inform your Zenmove Coach. You can contact us on site or make an appointment. We will be happy to advise you on how to develop and evolve your training according to your current level of training.

2. what is too much, what is too less training?

It is important to know that there is also too much training. Even with Zenmove, “more” does not equal “more”. Working out is too much when it becomes an added stressor in your life. The guiding principle here is “quality before quantity”. With too much training, it’s quite possible that the workout was good for your head, but not good for your body. Muscles need to recover after stress so they can rebuild and become stronger.

You are not exercising enough if too much time passes before the next dose of stimulation or physical “compensation” – a maximum of 1 week later, if you have not exercised differently. There is a well-known expression here “muscle memory”. This means that the muscles remember the last load and therefore “know” how to react to it. “Muscle Memory” occurs only with focused and regular repetition.

3. do I still have to do endurance on the side?

Conventional endurance training is often also referred to as aerobics or cardio (cardiovascular) training. It is a low-intensity physical activity in which the mitochondria (power plants of the cells) do their work at a submaximal pace, resulting in the activation of only one part of the metabolism – the aerobic system.

However, intense tension training is actually the most effective way to train the cardiovascular system because, unlike aerobic training, it involves all components of the metabolism and stimulates them to function more efficiently.

Basically, however, there is no “either or” when it comes to strength and endurance training. Especially not if you’re having fun with it. If you jog, bike, or do other endurance activities, by all means, keep doing them if you can with pleasure exersice. Especially these activities in the fresh air are good to clear the head and to increase your own well-being.